Happy 4th of July everyone!! Unfortunately I do have to work today, but such is life for some people! I have to start with how much I appreciate all of the love I get on a regular basis by the good folks at Influenster. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, I love receiving […]

It’s such a bright and sunny day, I’m in a great mood and hope you all are too! I want to start this post off by saying that I recently turned 26 (boo!) and have gotten pretty darn serious about wearing sunscreen more and actually establishing a skincare routine. This took some effort, because my […]

Happy Saturday evening everyone! I feel so lucky to have now received a total of 5 voxboxes from Influenster.com. Seriously, it makes me feel more legit as a blogger and content creator, hooray for self-esteem! Anyways, let’s get right into the review of the latest goodies, which I received complimentary for writing my honest reviews: products from […]

Hello lovely bloggers! I haven’t made a blog post in a while, mostly because my career path took a major, upsetting turn. Long story short, I have a lot more time on my hands (always look for the silver lining, to feel less f*cked, I suppose). Anyways, here is a review of my last set […]

Happy Thursday beauties! As some of you may know, I am hugely involved with Influenster. Honestly, it’s so satisfying when putting work (writing reviews, answering/asking questions, uploading pictures) into something pays off in such a big way! The latest voxbox I recieved is no exception: products from left to right: L’oreal Extraordinary Clay conditioner, L’oreal Extraordinary […]

Hello beauties! I hope this Monday is treating you all kindly, because it’s been a rough one for me. Anyways, dry shampoo is a staple in my haircare arsenal, and I thought I’d do a quick review! As you can see, it doesn’t hurt to stock up a little, lol Review: I can’t fully delve […]

Hello bloggers! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, I know I did! On Thursday I received the E.L.F. Cosmetics voxbox by Influenster and I couldn’t be more excited. For those of you who re unfamiliar with Influenster.com, it’s basically a website with a huge product database. After signing up, you’re expected to write honest […]

Happy Sunday my lovelies! Firstly, I want to apologize for going so long without making a blog post. Life has a way of distracting us from our hobbies. I’m referring to starting my teaching job in early September. I absolutely love it! The kids are funny and adorable, and I’m so glad to finally be […]

Hi everyone! Despite it being Monday, it feels so nice and breezy outside. Maybe even like a, *gasp* autumn day! Which reminds me, I haven’t been to the beach like all summer!! You can thank my new teaching job, and being temporarily poor and stuff ;( Well anyways, let’s get into the review and swatches! […]

Hi lovelies! I quickly want to share my experience with Influenster.com. For those who are unaware of this website, it’s basically a database where you can review hundreds and hundreds of products ranging from food, makeup and you can even review stores. The more active you are on your account, the higher your chances are of […]